Livro - Nutraceuticals: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals 2ª Edição -
Livro - Nutraceuticals: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals 2ª Edição

Livro - Nutraceuticals: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals 2ª Edição

Marca: Editora Pharmaceutical Press


Autor: Brian LOCKWOOD


Nutraceuticals are complementary medicines of natural origin. Usually obtained from a food source, they are sold as isolated, purified components in pharmacological doses for specific ailments. The international market for nutraceuticals is rapidly expanding and new research is constantly being conducted. New products are appearing on the market, some with novel therapeutic applications.

This new edition of Nutraceuticals reflects these changes and has broadened its scope with coverage of:

• Monographs on 25 nutraceuticals including soy and tea

Discussion of nutraceuticals according to disease state and additional chapters on:

• Synergism and combination therapies
• Safety, adverse effects and interactions
• Quality issues
• Minor nutraceuticals

This authoritative text assesses the medical and scientific evidence for the use of nutraceuticals for prevention or treating important disease states. It will be of value to practising pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and complementary medicine practitioners.

1. Introduction: 
2. Monographs: 
3. Source, Manufacture and Analysis of Major Nutraceuticals:
4. Metabolism, Bioavailability and Pharmacokinetics of Nutraceuticals: 
5. Joint Health: 
6. Cardiovascular Health: 
7. Eye Health: 8. Mental Health: 
9. Sleep Enhancement: 
10. Cancer Prevention: 
11. Bone Health: 
12. Respiratory Health: 
13. Womenþs Health: 
14. Weight Management: 
15. Skin Health: 
16. Oral Health: 
17. Sporting Performance/enhancement: 
18. Animal Health: 
19. Meta-analyses/systemic Reviews: 
20. Synergism, Beneficial Interactions and Combination Products: 
21. Emerging Nutraceuticals: 
22. Adverse Effects: 
23. Quality: 
24. Conclusions:

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ISBN 10: 0853696594
ISBN 13: 9780853696599
Edição 2
Ano 2007
No. de páginas 448

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