Livro - Merck Index 15th Edition 2013 -
Livro - Merck Index 15th Edition 2013

Livro - Merck Index 15th Edition 2013

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Chemistry's Constant Companion TM

The Merck Index is the definitive reference work for scientists and professionals looking for authoritative information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals. The 15th edition is now available from RSC Publishing, in print and online. 

The Merck Index: Product Description

The Merck Index contains over 10,000 monographs with information relating to compounds of significance in research, commerce and environmental impact. The 15th edition, available from Royal Society of Chemistry publishing for the first time, is fully revised and updated.

Over 500 new monographs in the 15th edition Over 35% of the existing entries updated 
Over 10,000 monographs cover more than 18,000 compounds with 50,000 synonyms
Molecular weights recalculated with the latest IUPAC standards
New table showing non-proprietary name stems
Revised Periodic Table and Atomic Weight Tables 

Free access to The Merck Index Online
Free one-year access to The Merck Index Online  for individual users
Fully searchable database of over 11,500 monographs
Searchable by structure and sub-structure
Includes historic monographs not available in the print edition  

The Merck Index is an essential reference for all scholarly and professional chemists, biochemists, pharmacists and toxicologists and of interest to students, teachers, academic libraries, academic researchers, information professionals, solicitors, journalists and government agencies.

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ISBN 10 -1849736707
ISBN 13 - 9781849736701
Edição 15
Ano 2013
No. de páginas 2708


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